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The Most Exciting Way to Buy Film.

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What is GachaFilm?

GachaFilm is a new online retailer for film photography supplies and accessories.

At the heart of GachaFilm are our Mystery Boxes. We bundle 5 rolls of 35mm film, either color film or black & white, so you receive a collection of films that might surprise you, push you creatively, as well as save you a little bit of money than if you had gone and bought it yourself from somehwhere like Amazon or B&H. 

We like to think that each box contains creative potential. You might make an image that would never have been otherwise made; simply because you would have never thought to buy that roll of film or didn't think you could afford it or find it!

So wait, why GachaFilm?

GachaFilm derives its name from gachapon, a Japanese toy vending machine. The name gachapon is actually a Japanese onomatopoeia of the sound that the machine makes- "ga-cha" is the sound of the machine's mechanisms as it turns, and "pon!" is the sound of the toy landing to be dispensed.

Eventually, gachapon's definition expanded to include bottle cap figurines and blind-box collectible toys. These blind box toys created excitement for the collector as you never know what you might pull out of the box.

Being a fan of these blind-box toys as well as other hobbies like collectible trading cards, we realized that maybe we could create a similar experience with film stocks. And so, GachaFilm was born! A new and exciting way to buy 35mm film.

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Analog Photography is for everybody.

Or at least it should be, and we really believe that. 

Along with our mystery boxes, we also have our first starter kit: a 35mm camera kit that comes with a new Holga 135BC and 3 rolls of film: a canister of color film, black and white film, and a 3rd mystery roll of film. (We love our random surprises here at GachaFilm.)

And this kit would be just the start. We are looking forward to putting together at Beginner 120 Kits, Home Development Kits, and even Digitzation/Scanning kits. Eventully, we also want to offer services like remote development, scanning, printing, and last but not least, zine making

We really love this art form and we are so excited that so many more people are interested in it. Please follow us on social media so you can be right here with us as the GachaFim story unfolds.

So who is GachaFilm for?

Absolute Beginners

If you are new to film photography, you're going to need practice. Load up on films and learn about different stocks and speeds with the variety that comes in your box!

Stuck in a creative rut?

 If you are stuck in a creative rut, the elimination of deciding what film to buy may change your routine just enough to find a little bit of spark to get the artistic fire going.

Budget Minded Film Shooters

Because of the way we bundle our films, we are actually able to sell some film stocks below what we normally could at retail. Just don't tell the factories! 

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