QWD ECN-2 Development Kit (1 Liter)
QWD ECN-2 Development Kit (1 Liter)

QWD ECN-2 Development Kit (1 Liter)

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With QWD ECN-2 they put the power of processing cinema films in your hands. Rated for approx. 15 rolls and suited for any ECN-2 process film - from the freshest of fresh Vision3 or some of that dated Fuji Eterna in the back of your freezer. Now you can process any motion stock on your schedule - the right way!

Already used by DP's and Directors in Hollywood and around the world, this kit has established itself as the go-to for anyone who takes their colors seriously. Whether you are using this for a pitch deck, storyboards or just after the amazing latitude of motion stock you keep hearing about, this kit has you covered.

With a simple four-step process and a workflow just like C-41, you can use this kit with all of your existing gear.

From beginning to end, it’s designed around you. With waterproof processing instructions to easy-to-follow color-coded mixing, you’ll go from removing Remjet the right way all the way to hanging negatives up to dry in no time.

Included concentrates to make 1L (all powder, except final rinse):

  • Pre-Bath 
  • Developer
  • Stop Bath
  • Bleach
  • Fixer
  • Final Rinse

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